Q:  Who runs wazya.com?

A:  My name is Kevin and I have lived in the Boston area (Everett 02149 mostly) my entire life.

Q:  Do people in Boston really say “wazya?”

A.  Yes.  They do.  (albeit not everyone)

Q:  What’s the best comment you ever heard to describe Boston?

A.  A documentary where an 80’s skinhead from Boston said, “Boston is the last bastion of a good fistfight.”  I cannot disagree!

Q:  Is it true you can double park in Boston?

A:  Technically, no.  Consideration is given outside of church on Sundays and outside of a packie (liquor store) at all times since you just want to get in, get your stuff and go elsewhere with real parking.

Q:  Do Boston people talk anything other than their sports teams ?

A:  Yes, but it is a major part of the culture here.  Nearly everyone has AT LEAST one Bruins/Celtics/Patriots/Red Sox hat, shirt, jacket, baby onesie, foam finger etc.


A Bostonian's view of the world